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It wouldn't be possible to list all of the art websites I turn to with some frequency. So I've picked just a few. These, I think, are worth your time. Enjoy!

A wonderful web site by Darren Rousar:

Darren was a classmate of Pat's at Atelier LeSueur who then studied and taught in Florence. When he returned he taught at the Minnesota River School and became Vice President. This site is all about "Sight Size" which Darren has explained brilliantly in his book.

Another good resource is Richard Whitney's web site: www.crescentpond.com/

Richard studied with R.H. Ives Gammell (as did Richard Lack) and is considered one of the best Portrait Painters in America. His book, "Painting the Visual Impression" is a fabulous short book that I highly recommend. I have multiple copies, and feel that if we all read it often we would be better artists.

The Art Renewal Center:  

ARC has a great site for learning about artists and seeing great images of their work.

The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis

This is the web site for a remarkable enterprise. They have an extensive collection of Russian Impressionist Art, and often have wonderful shows of little known soviet artists. Just seeing how much paint the Russians use is inspiring.